Hinsdale Dentist, Dr. Gregory J. Daniels, DDS, Dances with Sugar Plums


Performing the role of Herr Drosselmeyer in “The Nutcracker” without any professional training has been a rewarding yet challenging experience for Hinsdale resident Dr. Gregory J Daniels, DDS.

“I wasn’t an actor; I’m just a guy who wasn’t afraid to make a fool of myself on stage,” said Dr. Gregory J Daniels DDS, a dentist by trade.

For the past eight years, Dr. Gregory J Daniels, DDS has played the Godfather to Clara, the ballet’s central character, in the Midwest Ballet Theatre’s production of “The Nutcracker.”

“Herr Drosselmeyer advances the action in the first act,” Dr. Gregory J Daniels, DDS said. “He is the guy who introduces a bunch of characters.”

Dr. Gregory J Daniels, DDS is on stage about 25 percent of the show, mainly at the beginning with the party scene where he performs magic acts, does a waltz and gives Clara the Nutcracker before aiding her into the dream sequence.

To prepare for the part, Dr. Gregory J Daniels, DDS watched several other videos of the Midwest Ballet Theatre productions, looking at what worked and what didn’t on stage.   Read More

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